Good Clips , but Not NSF-Certified

A little truth-in-advertising is a must here.

While I think yes, I’ve crushed the “NSF-style” wire-management, we have to accept that the nooks-and-crannies peculiar to 3D printing, and that they’re mere ABS (not Nylon or HDPE), means I’m almost certain they won’t ever be certified as Food Safe, or even for use in commercial kitchens.

To avoid future lawsuits, we definitely want to make that clear, right up until the day they ARE certified for that. So: to be very clear:

“4CELNK-YR parts are not NSF-certified for use in commercial kitchens.”

Hey, I don’t wanna make anyone sick, just wanna make those situations where they are appropriate, easier to make happen.

Follows are some pictures to demonstrate the abject crushedness.

First up are some of the post clips, available in Red, Black, and White, in case you need to separate them by type, voltage, purpose, whatever. Check out the photo on the left: do you have that many wires to manage on a single pole? 4CELNK-YR makes that simple, fast and with No Waste.

Those 1.0″ clips only get you up and down those 1.0″ posts. What about along the shelves? Well, we have a cool solution for that too: clips that hang on the wires of the shelves. Brilliant! We even created a normal (~1 sq inch) and a large-capacity (~1.75 sq inches) version. And like all 4CELNK-YR, you can put them on and remove them, reuse them, add and remove cables with No Waste, and No Tools.