Getting Plated on a Monday

Today we reached a new height of “platedness” . It’s always a big gamble to start that many parts at once: a failure in any one during the run will often doom the entire run and all the plastic that was used up to that point 🙁. So, this plate with 32 parts was a bit worrying, but it’s almost done, and flawless is the conclusion. Red ABS seems to be less stringy than white, but has a very high “stickiness”. It does exceptionally well on the first layer, and so far all the others after it. Wish I could say the same for pink, which seems “lighter” in the sense of being less dense and less able to carry heat; two builds have failed about 4mm into a 12mm build. Grrrr……

Anyway, see that tiny bit of plastic going left-to-right at the very front? That’s the “sacrificial body”, that’s only 1 line-height tall, and 1.5mm wide by 50mm (?) long. It’s long enough that the head can get refilled with extrudate, and because it’s only two lines wide, you know how that first bit often prefers the hotend over the bed? Well the coming-back pass on the sacrificial body tacks that loose end down, making for an overall more stable build. That tiny part is the entire waste budget for each plate: 0.17gram. Not ounces, grams. It does the trick, gives me back the space normally taken up by a skirt, wastes less plastic, and takes way less time. As in under 3 seconds, versus as much as 2 minutes for a two-loop skirt. I already know the bed is level…trust me, builds like this don’t work if they aren’t.

These are the last “needed” part design for the “NSF-style” wire-rack parts that Cynthia is looking for. These go on the wire shelves, on those 1/4″ and smaller wires. There’s the normal-sized ones, and the mondo-sized ones. That’s the first plate of them, so I’ll add a photo in a few minutes of them.

Can you just about FEEL it yet? I can! Soon the embargo will be passed, the site will be live (-ish), and hopefully things will all go smoothly.