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Our Returns Philosophy

4CELNK.com wants you to enjoy using our products, and we want to ensure you get the ones you actually want and will use. We understand that a lot of times we end up with unused–and expensive–parts in a big project. Or, despite our best reading of a confusing web site, (sorry!) we order the wrong size. We all do it. It happens. For that reason, 4CELNK.com will happily refund your purchase price (less tax, S&H) upon receipt of unused product still in the undamaged packaging, within 60-days after you purchased them. However, opened, used and damaged products cannot be returned.

Obtaining Warranty Service

Get help with a new or existing claim via email to returns@4celnk.com, or by telephone at (360) 591-2587.

Warranty Terms

4CELNK.com warrants to the original purchaser that the 4CELNK-YR product substantially meets the expected use as advertised, or your money back, for a period of sixty (60) days from purchase. Tax and shipping are not refundable. Product must be returned in the unopened original packaging with all parts intact. Modified or damaged parts are not eligible for return or claims under this warranty. Damage and discoloration of 4CELNK-YR parts, damage to the sim rig or other structure, or to attached cables and devices, are not covered by this Warranty. Installed or otherwise damaged units cannot be returned. This warranty and any other claims will be construed under the laws of the State of Washington.

Understanding the “No Waste” Claim

The 4CELNK-YR “No Waste” term refers to the 4CELNK-YR parts in contrast with the nearly-certain waste involved with using wire-ties. Using nylon cable ties (aka tie-wraps, zip-ties, and so on) normally results in the destruction of one whole cable-tie per tie-down point, per cabling change. 4CELNK-YR clips, in contrast, simply open and close to accept wiring changes, with no waste during normal use. The term “No Waste” is not meant to imply there is zero waste across the entire 4CELNK-YR life-cycle. For example, 4CELNK-YR flatBack clips are intended to mount using adhesive to a surface. Some 4CELNK-YR flatBack for-sale units, therefore, include adhesive tape, which in turn comes with paper or film backing. 4CELNK.com acknowledges that in this sense, there is still a non-zero amount of waste for each part. But, that waste is generated once at installation, and not every single time a change is made, unlike the 100% replacement rate traditional nylon tie-wraps.

3D Printing Limitations

4CELNK-YR parts are 3D printed from ABS plastic filament. The nature of this process results in a part that, while fully strong in use, may make “crackling” noises when it is bent and extended. In addition, discoloration of the bent plastic can occur. Under normal use the noise and discoloration should not result in any loss of function in the part. If the part arms are pulled too far, the part will loosen, but will likely still be functional. Warranty claims will not be accepted for these noises. Warranty claims will not be accepted for excessively-spread clips. These are plastic parts; they will bend, and they will break if you choose to do so. In addition, twisting the arms can result in separation of the layers of the part, which in more-severe cases will lessen the part function.

UL and Regulatory Agency Information

4CELNK-YR parts are made from ABS plastic and are intended for shorter-term management of lightweight cabling. They are not intended for use as load-bearing hooks; they are intended to enable safe runs of cables such as household extension cords, low-voltage audio-visual wiring, Cat-5/6 Ethernet, USB, HDMI and DVI cables.

They are not fireproof or plenum-rated. They are not UL-listed, nor are the a “safety device”. They are not UV-resistant, and may experience accelerated aging when used outside or under high-UV-output grow lamps. They are not considered “food-grade”, and they are not NSF-certified for use in commercial kitchens. If they are exposed to excessive heat, they could melt and fail.

4CELNK products are manufactured in Washington state, USA

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