4CELNK-YR flatBack 6-pc Large Expansion Pack – BLK (2018-027-107)

Cables! They’re stuffed underneath and behind the desk, the TV and video center, and every other electronic system at home and work. Cables are everywhere! Fix that desk-side mess with stick-on, No Waste 4CELNK-YR flatBack series cable clips.

Now under-desk cable management is easy. These 4CELNK-YR clips let you simply slide the wires in and out. No fasteners, not tools, no muss, no fuss, no bother. Once they’re good and stuck, you add and remove wires at will, and never have to cut another nylon tie-wrap.

This 6-piece pack includes wide clips, and 3M™ Command Adhesive™ medium-size strips to hold them to most smooth flat surfaces.

4CELNK-YR flatBack 6-pc Large Expansion Pack - BLK (2018-027-107-BLK)

2018-027-105-BLK includes
6 x 4CELNK-YR flatback Large Cable Clips - BLK
1 x 4CELNK-YR Surface Mount Large Clip Expansion Pack - BLK - Package Insert

(Rulers are shown for illustration, and are not included.)

MSRP: US$22.99

Grand-Opening SALE: 20% off all 4CELNK-YR!

Made to mount on nearly any flat, finished surface

Do I have that kind?...

With computers everywhere theses days, and new devices and their chargers multiplying like cane toads, we all need some cable organization from time to time.

Put a set of 4CELNK-YR cable clips between the things and the systems they work with, and you'll rule the cabled under-(desk)-world!

Under desks, under tables, along back-splashes on countertops, inside and under sound system and other wiring cabinets, closets and panels. Anywhere there's a renegade cable and a suitable surface, 4CELNK-YR can help.

To get started and figure out how much your config will need, start with the 9-piece Starter Kit, in either black or white. Once you get an idea of how much they'll hold, and how you'll run the cabling, you can flesh out the system using larger-quantity Expansion packs: 12 pieces of the small clips, or 6 pieces of the large clips. All 4CELNK-YR flatBack purchases come with 3M™ Command Adhesive™ strips, though the kind, shape and appearance may change as suppliers fluctuate and better solutions are found.

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How much can 4CELNK-YR flatBack Clips Hold?

Really? How much? (View More...)

The cable area for the small 4CELNK-YR flatBack clips is designed to hold about 4-5 typical "SVT" power cords (UL-Type SVT, 3C/18AWG 300V, ~6mm in diameter), but as you can see, when you get them in there, it will hold 8-ish.

Are you SERIOUS?

The cable area for the large flatBack clips is, well, BIG. It was partially designed for those cases where there's just a mass of cables, and you'd rather get them restrained now, and deal with the organization later. If you do plan to put that many in, be sure you don't overload whatEVER adhesive you've got in use. That and use lots of clips. Yeah...use lots of 4CELNK-YR clips!

This large capacity flatBack clip is easily holding: 9 SVTs, 4 high-end Speaker cables, and four "data" cables. If after all that cap-a-city, you still need more, the next step up is to put multiple clips, giving multiple separate wiring "channels."

Installing 4CELNK-YR flatBack Cable Clips

Use the included 3M Command Adhesive™ strips (View More...)

As with many young products, there are a bunch of detail-level questions where we have to honestly say we just don’t know…yet. One of those is what kind of adhesive is best for the flatBack clips: a dizzying array of choices for a confusing set of applications stands before us at this time.

I've had really good luck with the foam VHB™ tapes (Very High Bond-Strength™, again from 3M). The thin gray stuff seems to work a lot better on these surfaces than the clear, gel-style adhesives. That was the only kind that held well to unfinished, raw plywood. Now I have to figure out how to get it to you.

NOTE: If you're going to get more tape, for reference, the parts are 12.2mm thick, or just under 1/2". I use 1/2" tape despite the overhang. The short clips use 1", and the long clips 2" of tape length. The parts best fit the small and medium Command Adhesive strips, which are quite convenient, but limited in strength.

For now, we chose to include some of those small- and medium-sized 3M™ Command Adhesive strips, one strip per clip, sized as appropriate. At this time there's one extra medium-size strip in the package. Use them to mount the clips to painted and solid surfaces, plastic, metal, and laminate.

One thing to remember is that the Command stips probably will not work very well on unsealed wood surfaces. We’re working on a what to do in that perfectly-normal situation, so check the blog for updates. I’m a big fan of rubberized adhesives, but we’ll see.

The official instructions for this type of Command adhesive can be found at the 3M site: https://www.command.com/3M/en_US/command/how-to-use/all-other-hooks/

If you’ve never used them, it’s important to realize that the Command strips are for “household use”, and are only rated for a few pounds (~1 kg). OTOH, a power-cord typically weighs only about 5 ounces (140 gm). Total. So, be wary, and substitute something stronger if your application needs it. The general steps are:

  1. Make sure the surfaces are free of dust and dirt.
  2. Remove grease and oils from the part and the surface by wiping them with rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol. Allow to dry.
  3. Peel the RED, part side from the Command Adhesive strip and attach that to the 4CELNK-YR clip.
  4. Smooth and continue to firmly press the Command Adhesive strip against the part for about 30s.
  5. Remove the black-printed backing paper from the Command Adhesive.
  6. Position the part carefully and press firmly against the surface.
  7. Continue to firmly press the part in place for 30-45 seconds. Take care to press across the entire length for the longer clips.
  8. Wait 1 hour before applying load; the bond will reach full adhesion strength in about 24 hours.

And yes, I'm PAINFULLY aware those two pieces of paper constitute WASTE. At least from that point there will none from moving wires in and out of the clips.

TIP: When you're adding and removing cables, it's a good idea to hold the clip in place so the force exerted only when adding the cable doesn't become it's undoing.

4CELNK-YR clips are re-usable, so when it’s time, gently pull the command strip off and reuse the clip.

Adding and Removing Cables with 4CELNK-YR flatBack Clips

There are instructions? (View More...)

This is just too easy!

  1. Carefully Examine this picture.
  2. Slide the cable between the arms.
  3. Yeah, that's it.

Warnings & Cautions

View More...

Please keep the following in mind when using 4CELNK-YR cable clips:

Watch for damaged, worn, frayed or otherwise dangerous cables, and replace all that are unsafe.

Dangling, partially-secured cords beneath desks, tables, and in shelving can in some instances present electrocution and strangling hazards. Be wary!

The 4CELNK-YR arms are closely spaced, and there is spring tension holding them together. Use with care to avoid getting pinched or struck by the arms.

4CELNK-YR Cable Clips are not UL-Listed, they are not specially plenum-rated, nor are they flame-retardant.

4CELNK-YR Cable Clips are not a "safety device".

4CELNK-YR Cable Clips are not specially treated for UV-resistance. Using 4CELNK-YR outdoors, or in a high-UV environment can cause them to age more quickly, and, ultimately, fail sooner.

4CELNK-YR Cable Clips, including the Rack Series, have not been NSF-certified for use in commercial kitchens.

4CELNK-YR cable clips are made from ABS plastic: tough, but not unbreakable. Don't overload the clips.

There may be other hazards associated with your doing with cables whatever it is you're doing. Please always be aware of your surroundings, and be careful.

Easy-Change Cable Management...
...with NO Tools and NO Waste

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4CELNK-YR flatBack Series

Cables! They're stuffed underneath and behind the desk, the TV and video center, and every other electronic system at home and work. Cables are everywhere! Fix that desk-side mess with stick-on, No Waste 4CELNK-YR flatBack series cable clips.

4CELNK-YR Rack Series

Wire shelving racks are used in the home, office, greenhouse, and industrial settings. Route cables neatly along the poles, under or over the shelves, in configurations large and small, with 4CELNK-YR Rack series kits and packs.

4CELNK-YR Tubing Series

Electrical-Mechanical Tubing (EMT) is commonly used in construction and picnic/event canopies. Keep those one-time events from producing permanent tie-wrap waste with reusable, No Waste 4CELNK-YR Tubing series cable clips.


The 4CELNK-YR OR3V Series is specially designed to fit the Obutto R3volution and oZone gaming rigs. By keeping the cables up tight against the rig tubes, they stay nice and neat, and don't get tangled. Your cabling will thank you every race with 4CELNK-YR OR3V series cable clips.


Mount ButtKicker Mini-LFEs to your rig, and feel the gaming like never before. Machined aluminum 4CELNK LFE mounts are available in pairs and sets of four or 5.

4CELNK products are manufactured in Washington state, USA

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