In the beginning…

From this humble beginning, a small hunk of plastic with one broken part, almost fully delaminated from insufficiently-robust stress testing ( 😉 ), I give you:

2018-027 Rando’s Sim Rigging

This will be a new line of 3D printed flexible, simple, really cool wire-management brackets for sim-racing rigs. As a promo, I might provide one or two with my 4CELNK brackets, to test the waters. But, if one can be made in <10 minutes, and they can be sold in a set of six for $30 (don’t laugh…people pay me $59 for a machined piece of aluminum angle), and these are WAY better than the only other solution people go for (besides just wire-ties 😉 ).

And yeah, we’re up to 27 product designs so far this year. For sanity, I’ve split off the “service orders” from the new product designs.

Here’s another design; note how easy it would be to parameterize the design for lots of tubings and configurations. Me likey!