Using 4CELNK-YR Expanded-Capacity Clips

Sometimes, you need MORE. Not just a little more, but DOUBLE. That’s a whole lot of more!

We’ve included a couple of our Expanded Capacity 1.25″ clips in the OR3V Base Kit so you can give them a try. With these, if you have a set of shaker, speaker or other cables that rarely change, and you want them out of the main wiring channel, then 4CELNK-YR “plusBack” clips are exactly what you need.

If your rig has a lot of cables everywhere, you might want to consider the Large Capacity Expansion Kit, which you can use along with the Base Kit and regular Expansion packs for truly, insanely, massive riggings. If you do max a set of those out, please…do send pictures!

To get the cables into the back-side, “permanent” area, the easiest way is to add them into the clip before you put the clip on the tube. Or, you can usually insert them first to the main area, and then slide them around, over the tube, into that back area. Either way should work, with the thickness of the cable determining how much effort it’ll take. Easy with USB cables, not so much with power cords..