4CELNK-YR OR3V makes that rig look SHARP

You Obutto oZone and R3volution users know you live for the gaming! You know it’s awesome to have the rig set up just right. All the wires and cables…just….right. Messy cables are for inferior dweebs, duh! E’rebody knows that.

But then, no matter what, eventually, it happens. The pure joy and the ongoing agony of a new toy. A better set of pedals. A righteous backlit gaming keyboard. A new A-10 Thrust controller. Another new screen. Those sweet LFEs you’ve been holding out for. A DRINK COOLER. Yeah, that required period of self-inflicted “character building” delayed-gratification BS is finally over! Woohoo!

Wait…did you say “ongoing agony?”

Yes, agony. As in, the LAST time you got the sim-rig set up proper, you spent hours and dozens of tie-wraps getting it just right. And now you’re going to cut half of them off and put new ones on…to add ONE cable? Really?

Oh…and be careful not to ding your rig’s paint job getting them off….

(Cue slow violin music…) That’s the sad reality: tie-wraps wasted by the bajillions every day. In towns and cities everywhere, they’re filling up landfills, annoying the neighbors, and costing you money. (fade music, and…out)

I ask you: exactly who decided it should cost money to change cabling? Oh…right…the guys selling you tie-wraps decided that. You gonna let them do that?

Now, trust me, that tie-wrap-obsessed life is one I know well, and am quite leery about giving up that life. I keep a large shoebox of various wire-ties in quantities. The box has a nice cutter tool always with it, to tension and trim them to perfection. Over the course of a year, I often consume fully half that box in volume of tie-wraps, often on the order of 500 or more ties. That’s an insane amount of waste, when multiplied by even a small fraction of the computer users out there.

And so, with very little prodding, I set about solving this problem, initially for a very small group: gamers using Obutto rigs. Why that one? Um … because one my customers asked for them. Okay, fine: it’s not much in the way of divine inspiration, but I’m an Engineer: I’ll design pretty much anything.

Hopefully, these 4CELNK-YR cable clips will finally solve the Obutto cabling “thing”. I’m not going to say it’s a “problem”, since tie-wraps do exist. But, I’m not alone in saying it could be done better. Well, here’s much better, and its name is Force Link. No, wait…that’s MY* user name ;-).



* “Force Link” is my superhero name. “Rando” is my all-too-fitting nickname. “Thom Randolph” is my actual hyooman name.