More Packaging Progress…but still not there.

After a quick trip to Staples for some prints on card stock for the sleeve, and turning my old Weller soldering iron into a heat-shrink bag sealer, the four made it through. Yes, the first was packaged four times total and I think I left an extra piece of cardboard/plastic in that one, but hey…first article!

Yes indeed! Packaging is a tentative “go”. These will be shipped, 4 in a single flat-rate mailer envelope, to the first customer. This is actually his second shipment, as I first sent him some prototypes to try out. They almost worked, and these will be way better, getting close to retail! Well, eBay retail.

Getting more real all the time! These ended up surviving the mailing, but are way too expensive, and too large for all but the largest kits, which means almost always wasting space, and “shipping air”. Can’t have that!

Best regards,