What’s he up to now? Cutting WOOD?

Yeah, yeah, anyone can cut holes in a board. What fresh hell is this you have cooking up?

Well sure, anyone can cut HOLES. But, can just anyone make THIS kind of holes? That are actually bosses with fillets around and on top, and a chamfer at the entry? All sized just right for a specific set of tubes? Oh…and while you’re drilling those flat-bottomed holes, would you might being so kind as to make a mirror-image copy? You know, for the top….

They’re intended to look like “something a human can’t make–easily” but that doesn’t really draw attention to itself.

Well, you guessed it! It’s a fake, badly-made jailhouse window replica. Sadly, I ran out of the right sizes of bars, so had to swap in a bit of EMT…..


Next post…the reveal!

Cheers 😀