Engr. vs. Prod’n: the myopia that never was

Departments arguing at cross-purposes means nobody’s listening!

I was reading online about the ever-present rift between “production” (machinists in this case), and “engineering” and how they never listen to each other, and aren’t committed to meeting the needs of the business and how can we just please get along, boo the heck hoo…..

Um, let me put this clearly: my job as a design engineer is to specify a legally manufacturable and salable product that can be made most easily and most economically and still fully delight the customer. I have ZERO desire to include specifications of things that can’t be tested or that have no meaning for the customer. All things that can help the manufacture of that product, all things that bring value to that product, are desirable, regardless of source. Heck, that even includes Marketing…if they ask politely.

I must have gone to the wrong Engineering school…. .

And, isn’t production a sign-off partner in all design reviews anyway? How and when did production lose sign-off authority? Who said that was a good idea? Is this the LEAN thing everyone was talking about?

LOL…Engineers not listening to Manufacturing. Good one.