Encouraging words from strangers

…are always a welcome thing!

Well, THAT was weird. Yet very encouraging. As I was coming home from a trip to find tiny rubber bands for this product, I noticed that the local HAM Radio people were having an event in a local park. I swung in, but they were closing it down; it started yesterday. I had brought a couple of this new wire-retaining thing with me to size the rubber bands. We talked a bit and I pulled out the two pieces, and these guys, every one, went pretty much ape-sh!t excited over them. Why? Because when they do field days, they have that exact same situation: a set of “permanently installed” wires like the one that feeds the antenna and any safety beacon on top of the antenna mast. But, there’s sometimes other wires that are temporary for what they’re doing that day; maybe mounting another antenna on the same mast.

Either way, these HAM operators wanted them and wanted them BAD. One even half asked to rep them at the various HAM swap meets around the state. He even pulled out his wallet.

Hmmm….this could be a good sign!

Well, that and another plate of 18 is about to finish with zero intervention and zero build problems. Woohoo! 2018-027 here we come!