Setting the 4CELNK-YR Holding Tension

The clips should stay in place and adequately hold the cables that you plan to use. 3 is typical, going to 5 or more when the clip is full.

If you need to later change the number of bands, just pull any captured cables out, add the other bands, then put them all back in again. Easy, with Zero Waste!

Some users report not needing to use any bands at all; that will work well for few shaker cables, or just a couple USB cables. Add more bands for larger bunches, or where you want the bundles to stay in place a little better. There should be enough provided so you get about 5 bands per piece in the package.

TIP: The bands that ship with 4CELNK-YR are actually children’s 1″ hair bands: they’re cheap, and available most everywhere. If you want everything really locked down, with a little “security”, you could even use…gasp!…a tie wrap.