Made to fit oZone and R3volution sim rigs

Finally! Gaming rig cable management that’s easy to put on, easy to change, and easy to live with. Imagine: no more cutting and replacing wire-ties. No more scratching the rig. Now you can have your rig look put together, yet change it instantly with No Tools and No Waste.

The 9-piece Base Kit is the ideal starting point for cabling your rig. You get a total of six clips for the larger 1.25 inch tubes (including two extended-capacity clips), and three smaller clips for the 1.0 inch mouse-platform vertical riser tube. The 9-pc Base Kit is available in black or white.

Most people find they need around a dozen total of the 1.25 clips, so a 1.25 6-pc expansion pack gets you there. Personalize your rig with 1.2 expansion pack in a variety of colors and combinations.

If all that doesn’t get you enough cabling capacity, there’s the Large Capacity Kit. With four 1.25″ and two 1.0″ plusBack clamps in black or white, you get a total (with the original Base Kit clips) or nearly three times the capacity! That’s a whole lotta wiring.

And lastly, if you have more cables going up to the side platforms, you can add a 1.0 3-pc expansion pack, in black or white.

Note: The oZone and R3volution models use the same diameter tubes, but in significantly differenty configurations. It’s expected that you’d typically use fewer clips on the oZone. But, system variability is larger than the structural difference, so the result is: get what you need. 😉