Sorry we’re out of that….

It’s never fun going through the process and coming up empty. It sux. We get that.

But, we also know it’s even worse when they take your money but they don’t actually have the product.

Faced with that choice, I decided to not accept orders on product that isn’t ready to ship on the next business day. Unfortunately, that means I don’t have much of a way to know that you want it, unless you say so. Yeah, I’ll know that you reached this page, but I won’t know what you were looking for.

So, because chances are I can work up whatever you’re after in a couple days, please contact me if you reach this page. Any of the ways on the Contact Us page work, so let me know how I can better serve you. And yes, that even extends to creating special parts with tube, part or cabling-area sizes that I haven’t done yet.

Thanks again for visiting Let me know what you’d like, and let’s get you hooked up.



Thom “Rando” Randolph