4CELNK-YR Rack 0.25 Large Capacity 8-pc Pack – BLK (2018-027-123-BLK)

Have you got a LOT of those unruly cables that snake across your wire-rack shelving? Then you need these. The fit over the 0.25″ wires like the smaller ones, but can handle up to 12 power-cords! And just like the smaller ones, these work on the smaller shelf wires too, and can even be flipped up above the shelf so they don’t hang down underneath.

Now you can adjust your hydro grow as the plants come up, as seasons change, adjust your tubes and cables however you want, with No Tools, and No Waste.

4CELNK-YR Rack 0.25 Large Capacity 8-pc Pack - BLK (2018-027-123-BLK)

2018-027-123-BLK includes
8 x 4CELNK-YR Rack 0.25 Large Capacity over-wire - BLK
1 x 4CELNK-YR Wire 0.25 Large Capacity 8pc Pack - BLK - Package Insert

(Rulers are shown for illustration, and are not included.)

MSRP: US$26.99

Grand-Opening SALE: 20% off all 4CELNK-YR!

Made to fit standard kitchen post-and-wire shelving racks

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How much can 4CELNK-YR Rack Clips Hold?

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Installing 4CELNK-YR Rack Cable Clips

Gently spread the arms and slide clip over tube. Avoid Twisting the clip. (View More...)

Adding and Removing Cables from 4CELNK-YR Rack Clips

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Warnings & Cautions

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Easy-Change Cable Management...
...with NO Tools and NO Waste

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4CELNK-YR flatBack Series

Cables! They're stuffed underneath and behind the desk, the TV and video center, and every other electronic system at home and work. Cables are everywhere! Fix that desk-side mess with stick-on, No Waste 4CELNK-YR flatBack series cable clips.

4CELNK-YR Rack Series

Wire shelving racks are used in the home, office, greenhouse, and industrial settings. Route cables neatly along the poles, under or over the shelves, in configurations large and small, with 4CELNK-YR Rack series kits and packs.

4CELNK-YR Tubing Series

Electrical-Mechanical Tubing (EMT) is commonly used in construction and picnic/event canopies. Keep those one-time events from producing permanent tie-wrap waste with reusable, No Waste 4CELNK-YR Tubing series cable clips.


The 4CELNK-YR OR3V Series is specially designed to fit the Obutto R3volution and oZone gaming rigs. By keeping the cables up tight against the rig tubes, they stay nice and neat, and don't get tangled. Your cabling will thank you every race with 4CELNK-YR OR3V series cable clips.


Mount ButtKicker Mini-LFEs to your rig, and feel the gaming like never before. Machined aluminum 4CELNK LFE mounts are available in pairs and sets of four or 5.

4CELNK products are manufactured in Washington state, USA

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