4CELNK-YR Rack 0.25 8-pc Pack – BLK (2018-027-122-BLK)

Manage those unruly cables as they snake across your wire-rack shelving with these 4CELNK-YR clips. The fit over the 0.25″ wires that typically form the outter structure of the shelf. These clips work on the smaller shelf wires too, and can even be flipped up above the shelf so they don’t hang down underneath.

Now you can adjust your hydro grow as the plants come up, as seasons change, adjust your tubes and cables however you want, with No Tools, and No Waste.

4CELNK-YR Rack 0.25 8-pc Pack - BLK (2018-027-122-BLK)

2018-027-122-BLK includes
8 x 4CELNK-YR Rack 0.25 over-wire - BLK
1 x 4CELNK-YR Wire 0.25 8pc Pack - BLK - Package Insert

(Rulers are shown for illustration, and are not included.)

MSRP: US$26.99

Grand-Opening SALE: 20% off all 4CELNK-YR!

Made to fit standard kitchen post-and-wire shelving racks

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These racks, commonly known as stainless-rack shelving, wire-racks, or through their commercial-kitchen association, NSF-racks, consist of 1.0" diameter stainless or chromed-steel vertical posts, with grooves spaced 1-inch apart. Wire shelves and other accessories at held in place via thin plastic wedges that fit around the posts.

4CELNK-YR Rack series is designed to let you have organized cables, tubes and other things for the things you run on the racks, with No Tools, and No Waste.

4CELNK-YR Rack series comes in a One-Tier / Planning Kit, with enough parts for about one tier of a typical 2x4 foot shelving system. Since that Kit includes the three different part types, you can use that to plan your entire installation. Once you've got the planning out of the way, you can get the other clips in convenient 8-piece packs, in the 1.0 tubing, 0.25 wire, and 0.25 large capacity wire clips.

All 4CELNK-YR parts are available in black, red or white. While some will choose based on personal preference, those with truly large installations might want to segment their cabling according to clip color. No matter how you choose to go, 4CELNK-YR give the flexibility to change your installation whenever you want, No Tools, No Waste.

How much can 4CELNK-YR Rack Clips Hold?

Really? How much? (View More...)

The cable areas in the clips for 1.0 inch diameter tubing are designed to hold 8 typical "SVT" power cords (UL-Type SVT, 3C/18AWG 300V, ~6mm in diameter), as shown here.

The area available on the 0.25 clips, that fit over the shelf racks, is about 6-7 SVT cords, while the 0.25 Large Capacity clips can easily hold 10-12 SVT cords. The Large Capacity clips are more intended for tubes you might find in a hydroponic or laboratory setup.

"Well yeah, but my cables are HEAVY!" The thing to remember is that no component is ever infinitely strong, nor will anything (besides time itself) last forever. The same is true with 4CELNK-YR clips. There is some large amount of force that will break them. I haven't reached it yet, but it's not at all impossible to yank on a cable and pull it out of the clip. (If you're going to be violently pulling the cables, then maybe stick with tie-wraps)

If after all that you still need more capacity, consider adding more than one clip, and arranging them around the tube circumference to provide multiple wiring "channels, as in the photo at right."

From what I've been able to tell, "a couple pounds" (~1kg) is just fine as far as holding strength. I might be inclined to add more bands (5-6 instead of 3-4) up to about 5 pounds (2.2 kg), but beyond that weight you should consider adding more clips.

Installing 4CELNK-YR Rack Cable Clips

Gently spread the arms and slide clip over tube. Avoid Twisting the clip. (View More...)

Adding clips to the 1" posts

Yes, it's true. It's really simple. Warming them slightly (to ~130F / 54C ) can help ease them over.

NOTE: When doing this, the clips may make "crackling" noises, and there might be discoloration of the plastic on the inside edge. This is actually normal for this kind of 3D-printed part; see our longer explanation farther down on this page.

IMPORTANT: Don't spread the arms out too far! The wider and farther you bend them, and the more often you do that, the more they will lose their "spring" over time. Yes, they can actually be spread quite large and they will "work" afterwards. But, never as well as before being over-stressed.

Adding clips to the wire shelves

It's even easier with the wire-rack clips: slide the wire between the arms, work it around to the top, and pull the clip down to seat it in place.

The 4CELNK-YR Rack 0.25 Clips will fit over wire racks having wires 1/4" and smaller, to precisely route your cables, hoses, and tubes.

Tip: you can even install the 0.25 clips on TOP of the shelves by running the wires up there instead of below.

Adding and Removing Cables from 4CELNK-YR Rack Clips

There are instructions? (View More...)

Adding and Removing Cables from the 1.0" post clips

Adding Cables

Now comes the easy part!

  1. Grasp the inside arm with one hand.
  2. Push the cable against the outside arm until you can press the cable into the capture area.
  3. Optional: Stand back and ask "whoa...where's the cut tie-wrap?"


Removing Cables

Here's where it gets impossible for tie-wraps...

  1. Separate the cable you want to remove from the others in the bundle.
  2. Grasp the outside arm with one hand.
  3. Push the cable against the inside arm until there's enough room between the arms to pull it out.
  4. Do NOT throw wasted tie-wraps in the garbage...since there are none.

CAUTION: If you pull the cable out too quickly from the capture area, the inside arm might snap back and hit your fingertips.

Adding and Removing Cables from the 0.25" wire clips

  1. Carefully inspect the image.
  2. Slide the Cable between the arms.
  3. That's still all there is.

Large hoses and cables may prove difficult to get into these Rack clips, because of the narrow space between arms, which prevents cables from escaping.

Warnings & Cautions

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Please keep the following in mind when using 4CELNK-YR cable clips:

Watch for damaged, worn, frayed or otherwise dangerous cables, and replace all that are unsafe.

Dangling, partially-secured cords beneath desks, tables, and in shelving can in some instances present electrocution and strangling hazards. Be wary!

The 4CELNK-YR arms are closely spaced, and there is spring tension holding them together. Use with care to avoid getting pinched or struck by the arms.

4CELNK-YR Cable Clips are not UL-Listed, they are not specially plenum-rated, nor are they flame-retardant.

4CELNK-YR Cable Clips are not a "safety device".

4CELNK-YR Cable Clips are not specially treated for UV-resistance. Using 4CELNK-YR outdoors, or in a high-UV environment can cause them to age more quickly, and, ultimately, fail sooner.

4CELNK-YR Cable Clips, including the Rack Series, have not been NSF-certified for use in commercial kitchens.

4CELNK-YR cable clips are made from ABS plastic: tough, but not unbreakable. Don't overload the clips.

There may be other hazards associated with your doing with cables whatever it is you're doing. Please always be aware of your surroundings, and be careful.

Easy-Change Cable Management...
...with NO Tools and NO Waste

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Cables! They're stuffed underneath and behind the desk, the TV and video center, and every other electronic system at home and work. Cables are everywhere! Fix that desk-side mess with stick-on, No Waste 4CELNK-YR flatBack series cable clips.

4CELNK-YR Rack Series

Wire shelving racks are used in the home, office, greenhouse, and industrial settings. Route cables neatly along the poles, under or over the shelves, in configurations large and small, with 4CELNK-YR Rack series kits and packs.

4CELNK-YR Tubing Series

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The 4CELNK-YR OR3V Series is specially designed to fit the Obutto R3volution and oZone gaming rigs. By keeping the cables up tight against the rig tubes, they stay nice and neat, and don't get tangled. Your cabling will thank you every race with 4CELNK-YR OR3V series cable clips.


Mount ButtKicker Mini-LFEs to your rig, and feel the gaming like never before. Machined aluminum 4CELNK LFE mounts are available in pairs and sets of four or 5.

4CELNK products are manufactured in Washington state, USA

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