4CELNK-YR Cable Clips – No Tools, No Waste

Still cutting and trashing cable ties?
Get 4CELNK-YR and stop that waste!

  NO Tools, NO Waste, Reusable
Easy Changes, In-Place Expandable
Convenient Kits and Expansion Packs

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4CELNK-YR brings change-anytime cable routing…
…with NO Tools and NO Waste

*4CELNK-YR = “Force Link – Wire”. Check at the way-down for the low-down…

Tie-wraps, wire-ties, cable-ties, zip-ties, they go by a bunch of names. They’re cheap, and they’re everywhere. Well, pieces of them are everywhere. If you use your trusty tie-wrap gun to tighten and trim on installation, you throw the tail end away. Oops…Need to change cabling? Just cut off the old one (throw that away), put on a new one, and trim that one too (and then throw that part away). Yup. With every wiring change, you discard an entire wire-tie for each tie-down point. Ouch! That’s a lot of fire-resistant UV-stabilized nylon filling oceans and landfills worldwide.

I’ve done installations where there were so many wires coming into the cabinet that it took weeks for them all to be wired in, and we just accepted the fact that every few days, the entire rack of tie-wraps will have been replaced, simply from the number of incoming changes. 4CELNK-YR wire management devices were designed to help reduce or eliminate that per-change waste.

Browse the 4CELNK-YR offerings below, and update your cable management methods today.


4CELNK-YR flatBack Series

Cables! They're stuffed underneath and behind the desk, the TV and video center, and every other electronic system at home and work. Cables are everywhere! Fix that desk-side mess with stick-on, No Waste 4CELNK-YR flatBack series cable clips.

4CELNK-YR Rack Series

Wire shelving racks are used in the home, office, greenhouse, and industrial settings. Route cables neatly along the poles, under or over the shelves, in configurations large and small, with 4CELNK-YR Rack series kits and packs.

4CELNK-YR Tubing Series

Electrical-Mechanical Tubing (EMT) is commonly used in construction and picnic/event canopies. Keep those one-time events from producing permanent tie-wrap waste with reusable, No Waste 4CELNK-YR Tubing series cable clips.


The 4CELNK-YR OR3V Series is specially designed to fit the Obutto R3volution and oZone gaming rigs. By keeping the cables up tight against the rig tubes, they stay nice and neat, and don't get tangled. Your cabling will thank you every race with 4CELNK-YR OR3V series cable clips.


Mount ButtKicker Mini-LFEs to your rig, and feel the gaming like never before. Machined aluminum 4CELNK LFE mounts are available in pairs and sets of four or 5.

Connecting with 4CELNK.com

You can find the latest 4CELNK-related ramblings, advice on use, and other fun stuff, in the blog. I can’t guarantee any world-changing insights, but you’ll definitely be surprised, hopefully amused, and maybe even inspired. Get caught up with the latest posts:

We’ll soon be opening a page on Facebook to better serve you.

You can purchase the full range of 4CELNK products on this site, by using the PayPal buttons on the various pages. However, due to distributor relationships in the works, this site typically only presents MSRP pricing.

Soon, however, you’ll be able to find 4CELNK on eBay. Just search for “4CELNK”, or use this link to do the search. We should be up there by about mid-August, 2018 at the latest, and expect to post our more-popular products there, as well as special offers and discounts.

It’s simple, really…

At ThomR.com, we design products to bring deep satisfaction to everyone using, seeing and relying on them. We work hard finding ways to turn computers and motors into robots, to make them do our evil bidding, by building stuff, that you want, that can’t be built any other way. How cool is that for a day-job, right?

We hope you find what you’re looking for here among our 4CELNK* offerings, but if not, feel free to get in touch via the Contact Us page. We’re a flexible-manufacturing kind of place, so more things are possible than any of us will ever imagine.


Gotta ask…what’s up with that name?

Stylistically, the 4CELNK spelling is an allusion to “1337 Speak”, aka “leet speak” for “Force-Link”, from the 4CELNK OR3V LFE brackets. And, of course, “YR” stands for…wire. True Leet speak for Force Link – Wire would be…well, not that. It’s not intended to co-opt, it’s intended to catch the eye and put your brain in “WTF?” curiosity-resolving mode, with the expectation that you’ll be “in” once you find out that “it” is.

In large part, it’s just branding: nobody else has used it; it’s not descriptive of, but seems vaguely related to the product; it’s not a common word, so a generic use can’t be claimed; it’s a simple concept with a uniquely identifiable spelling; it invites curiosity. 4CELNK is no mere logotype, that can be rendered non-infringing by being cast in a different typeface. Indeed, the 4CELNK name and the logo are legally separate, independent Trademarks. All that means that 4CELNK is a good, memorable to those in-the-know, desirable by those who don’t, legally defensible in any typeface, at any time, Trademark. This is Brand Magic, people.

Don’t believe me? If they hadn’t come along, you’d call me crazy to claim there’s a ‘y’ in Lyft, right? And not only do you accept that misspelling, but you’re likely careful to capitalize that ‘L’. Because you know that the misspelled one is that specific company. Hyoomans are so predictable 😉

So, 4CELNK it is. Force Link. Cheers (and thanks).

4CELNK products are manufactured in Washington state, USA

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